NDMC resolve 95% complaints (& it was through an app)

Mon, 2016-07-25 12:00 -- SCC India Staff


Addressing a complaint is a daunting task for any municipal corporation in India. The New Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) is no exception. With the launch of ‘NDMC 311’—a real-time smartphone application—in March 2016, the Corporation has resolved about 95 per cent complaints registered through this application. From open potholes to unattended garbage and water-logged streets, the application helps in fixing all the issues. So far, NDMC has successfully resolved 6,108 complaints, with 2,005 of them being closed by the complainants themselves.

What’s more! This application also tracks the location of its on-field officers, thereby increasing NDMC’s staff accountability towards complaints. The system uses smartphone and cloud-based tracking technologies that send tamper-proof pictures, corresponding locations and capture times to the operations command centre via the Internet in real time.

To add more, even cities like Mohali and states like Maharashtra have started holding their employees accountable with the use of this application. In case of Mohali, the city corporation has a GIS-based mechanism that not only tracks operations for the entire city but also tracks employees and movement of vehicles. As far as Maharashtra is concerned, its Energy Department has asked its employees to update details of their major and minor electrical work through its mobile application.
The prime objective is to track the progress made in various ongoing projects. The officer on duty is required to upload images of projects every time he/she visits the sites, which are then recorded. Secondly, the Department Head can monitor whether the officer is on duty or not, and his/her attendance would be recorded from there.

Till now, 228 officers from health and civil engineering departments have downloaded the ‘NDMC 311’ application within four months of its launch.

Meanwhile, this application is not just a complaint redressal application, but is a multi-utility system wherein a resident can pay taxes and bills (electricity and water), apply birth and death certificates and vaccination online, emergency search of other utility numbers and facilities, schedule appointments, get notifications and report civic issues. It also gives real-time information on traffic and parking space availability in NDMC areas.

The application—in case of emergency— can also help book an appointment with a doctor. It enables citizens to fix an appointment online at hospitals and other medical care centres under its jurisdiction. Here, citizens can download NDMC 311 and register for an appointment using their Aadhaar card number.

After the registration process is complete, an alert will be generated, which they can use as a receipt to show at the designated hospital. There are two major hospitals under NDMC – Charak Palika Hospital and Palika Maternity Hospital, one dental, 11 each ayurvedic, homeopathic and allopathic health care centres, and one polyclinic.

Services under NDMC 311
>Electricity and water connection applications
>Online birth & death certificate printing
>Online appointment for yellow fever vaccination
>Property tax
>Vendor payment status
>Printing of various forms
>Hospital data of birth & death
>Online building plan approval
>Unauthorised construction complaints
>General complaints and grievances
>E-payments for electricity, water and tax bill