Navi Mumbai maps 350,000 properties, gains property tax revenue

Wed, 2017-10-18 10:47 -- SCC India Staff

Navi Mumbai

The Rs 10-million project required Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) to survey more than 350,000 properties, import differential global positioning system (DGPS) survey data within a 172-square-kilometer area, and integrate the data with existing and planned infrastructure data. To create an urban base map, contour map, infrastructure map, and a GIS/DGPS-based database from this data, NMMC needed to implement an integrated approach for defining and mapping information in the Navi Mumbai area.

NMMC used predefined queries to integrate GIS/DGPS data to map the Navi Mumbai municipality and link area-asset information from various sources, creating a unified online database. The interoperability of with the software provider enhanced information mobility and enabled NMMC to design an automated system to serve its citizens by developing mapping information and services for all of Navi Mumbai’s infrastructure assets.

Using advanced software, NMMC substantially reduced the amount of time and effort needed to input information, resulting in optimization of project delivery costs. NMMC realized total project payback within six months of delivery. The new web-based system enables the municipal corporation to view and document all assets and to collect property taxes online. As a powerful analysis tool simulating network behavior in congested areas, the database is expected to help manage and mitigate risk and ultimately allow NMMC to better service its citizens.

The newly-implemented system has helped NMMC to reduce design time, improve the level of precision, and accelerate the generation of drawings, profiles, and reports on the Rs 10-million project. NMMC relied on newly-deployed system as a platform to integrate information from various sources into one central location.