Nashik to promote public cycle sharing project

Fri, 2020-01-10 12:06 -- SCC India Staff


The Nashik Municipal Smart City Development Corporation (NMSCDCL) has joined hands with the Nashik-based Nashik Cyclists Foundation (NCF) to encourage citizens to ride bicycle through various programs. In addition, ‘no-vehicle day’ will be implemented once a month as part of the promotional activities.

To promote public cycle sharing, a cycle ride is scheduled to be taken on January 26 on select routes in the city. The initiative will encourage people to use bicycles as much as possible. The promotion of the public cycle sharing project will be done on the theme of sports, health and environment.

The initiatives by NMSCDCL come after the private company looking after the rent-a-cycle project in the city decided to withdraw as it has become financially unviable. The company had also given exit notice to the NMSCDCL.

According to official sources, the company had invested about Rs 3.5 crore to introduce the scheme last year. While the operating cost of the scheme is Rs 3.5 lakh per month, the company is only able to collect up to Rs 1 lakh. They are incurring losses over Rs 2 lakh per month due to poor response from to the project.

After the notice, the Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) had told the company that it cannot withdraw from the project. Moreover, the NMC had also sent a default notice to the company to which they have not yet received a response. The issue is to be discussed during the upcoming meeting of directorial board of the smart city.