Nashik to implement green tech for construction of roads

Wed, 2019-10-09 16:41 -- SCC India Staff


Nashik’s Public Works Department (PWD) has decided to implement the green road technology across the State. As a result, about 90,000 km of roads in the State will get upgraded. The green road technology was tried and tested in Dindori and Igatpuri regions of the district recently. The regions were chosen based on the amount of rainfall they received this year. After the successful implementation of the technology in these regions, the PWD has decided to implement it across the state.

“The technology focuses on soil stabilisation method which helps in construction of better roads,” a PWD official said. The quality of road often gets battered due to the bad base and seepage of water from adjoining areas, making it prone to further damage. And, once the base is damaged, it has a direct impact on the road, the official said.

Explaining the functioning of the technology, the official said that the machine digs up the road, pulverizes the material, and uses the binding chemical along with cement and is then relayed and settled. “While using this technology, there is no need of soil excavation, no mining of stones, no transportation — which ultimately means no fuel consumption. All this brings down the carbon footprint as well,” the official said.

While the conventional process of road construction requires about one or two months for a stretch to get completed, the green technology, on the other hand, ensures that the road is open for public use in just 48 hours, the official added.

“The contractor and technology ensure the life of the soil base will last for at least 15 years, thus ensuring minimum expenditure for maintenance,” he said. The soil stabilisation process costs approximately Rs 1.60 crore while the construction of bituminous road costs another Rs 0.70 crore, taking the total estimate to Rs 2.3 crore for a road.

But if the same road is constructed using round Rs 2.7 crore. Although there is not much difference in the pricing, there is a major difference in the maintenance of roads.