Nagpur's Fetri becomes a smart village (installs land record ATM)

Mon, 2016-11-14 10:49 -- SCC India Staff

 Nagpurs Fetri

Spitting out money is in the nature of an ATM (automated teller machine). However, a small village, Fetri in Nagpur, was in sudden shock when inhabitants witnessed an ATM discharging a 7/12 land extract.  Believe it or not, it’s true!

Since the Maharashtra government has made all agricultural extracts in the state available online, the authorities have gone one step ahead, making the 7/12 land extract available on the ATM-like machine.

Earlier, the farmer had to face the hassle of going to a district office to avail the land record. With this system in place, the government has made a complicated process of obtaining records simpler, besides arresting time and money wastage.    

The machine has been installed by Forbes Technologies Ltd of Shapoorji Pallonji, which is already equipped with optical fibre connectivity. The state government has also embarked upon creating ‘Mahanet’ — on the lines of Bharatnet — to provide connectivity to all 40,000 villages of the state.

The revenue department in Maharashtra is now in possession of land records which are 150 years old. Here, the department took the help of satellite mapping and purchased images from organisations such as the Maharashtra Remote Sensing Applications Centre. To make them more authentic, the satellite maps have been superimposed on the actual maps available to note the differences.

Meanwhile, to obtain the land document, a user is required to just enter his/her User Name, Password, District, Aadhaar No., and Farmlands Survey No. in this machine. And after paying just Rs 23 through the payment gateway, you can get a print of the 7/12 extract.

That said, the village has also become a role model for others when denizens started getting treatment for their medical queries from Apollo Hospital right at the village itself. The village is now equipped with a telemedicine facility provided by council’s lead partner Cisco. With this telemedicine facility in place, from now onwards, according to the District Collector of Nagpur, treatment of patients will become smooth and easy. Through this facility, expert doctors from JJ Hospital, Hinduja, and Apollo, among others, will made available for treatment.

How it works
Telemedicine employs collaborative technologies to facilitate a virtual doctor-patient encounter. These solutions combine voice, video, medical data, and collaboration tools, to facilitate a patient to see a doctor, without having to travel long distances. It enables patients, providers, and allied health workers to come together on a common platform and collaborate in real time.

Such solutions give doctors tremendous flexibility to divide their time between virtual and physical consultations. They allow patients to be seen quickly without delay, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare and clinical outcomes.

Telemedicine solutions are designed to work on a lower bandwidth, enabling healthcare providers to serve patients in remote locations, where last-mile connectivity is a lingering problem. They are flexible, and do not need expensive infrastructure or dedicated space. They can be set up pretty much anywhere, as long as there is minimum bandwidth.

Patients can present themselves at any location, be it a medical kiosk in a remote village, retail centre, corporate office, or their own home.