Nagpur to digitally integrate its municipal services

Mon, 2019-03-18 12:04 -- SCC India Staff


The Nagpur Smart and Sustainable City Development Corporation (NSSCDCL) has envisaged to implement a integrated digital governance system to effectively deliver the applicable municipal services to anyone, anywhere, anytime irrespective of their education, caste, gender, age, and income.

The scope of the software and applications include all associated processes, functions and activities including but not limited to:

  • Citizen-centric operations such as property tax transactions, trade licenses, marriage certificate, water billing
  • Back-end operations such as accounting, solid waste management, DAK management system
  • (DARPG/ similar guidelines of Government of Maharashtra Compliant), HRMS including pension and payroll
  • Workflow management consisting of all workflow of ULB departments with integrated Document Management System
  • Enterprise level SMS and email solution
  • Payment gateway
  • Service-level agreement monitoring
  • Designing and developing necessary interfaces as required for seamless integration with other systems to get required information


  • To develop an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution for web-based integration of all municipal services
  • To enable a 360-degree view of all the property, assets, offices, and utilities in different layers using 3D GIS Map
  • To improve decision making in planning processes-traffic management, asset management, and services provision

The portal would be a single point of entry for entire range of G to C, G to G, G to B, and B to C services (G-Government, B-Business, C-Consumer). The project already has in place a project management unit for design, implementation and monitoring of the project. The City Operation Centre (COC) comprising of a 1,045 km network provides the backbone for integration of services.

The portal will be integrated with environmental ICT devices at different locations in the city to provide climate information like temperature, humidity, wind, air quality/pollution level to the citizens. Historical pattern analysis via 3D environment dashboards to the local administration. The portal will facilitate analysis of Dengue and other diseases and facilitate further decision making to prevent the spread of these diseases.

The project provides a common platform for integrating various data streams and analyse the impact across urban socio-technology system comprising of, urban infrastructure layer (infrastructure/jurisdiction components), urban data/digital layer, services layer (services by government agencies, business companies, etc.,). The portal will facilitate development of digital assets (illustrations and animations) based on the municipal services. The project has tremendous replication potential within the city as well as across Urban Local Bodies, including replicability of digital assets.