This Mumbai society prevents 90% of their waste from ending up in dumping grounds

Thu, 2018-02-08 15:04 -- SCC India Staff

Garbage segregation

Waste management has always been a serious concern for everyone. This was the reason why PM Modi launched the Swachh Society, Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan, an initiative that is aimed towards apartment complexes to motivate them to maintain cleanliness within their vicinity. A few of the societies have already taken up the responsibility towards making their societies clean, but the members of Spring Leaf society in Lokhandwala, Mumbai are doing it in their own unique way.

RS Sreenivasan, Subha and Mohammad Qureshi – members of the society and spearheaders of this unique initiative – are going door-to-door to segregate their waste. This is done so that the waste don’t end up being a big homogeneous pile in the dumping grounds, and contaminate the surroundings.

Once the waste is collected, they segregate all of their waste and reuse them. Only biomedical and electronic waste is thrown out. This initiative has helped the society to keep 90 per cent of their waste from ending up in dumping grounds.

Since October 2017, the waste produced in a total of 84 flats is treated in compost drums. Around 60 kg of this organic waste is treated daily in three drums which were designed by the society members themselves!

Manure produced in these drums, as well as the liquid (leachate) that drips at the bottom, are reused as compost for plants in the society garden. Around 20 kg of dry waste is produced daily in these flats, all of which is given to local recyclers by the society. All the money earned this way is given to local housekeeping staff.