Move over carpooling, tech-enabled cycle sharing is here!

Fri, 2017-12-22 14:19 -- SCC India Staff

Cycle sharing

After firmly cementing its leadership position in the self-drive car sharing market, Zoomcar is throwing some serious fitness goal challenge for India’s largest privately-developed smart city, Palava. The company has launched PEDL, which is India’s first technology-enabled cycle sharing service. The company has already launched this service in Pune, Chennai, Kolkata and Bengaluru. PEDL is a smart, affordable and environmentally-friendly cycle sharing service for short trips around your city.

At present, PEDL cycles have been placed across 30 locations in Palava. PEDL has about 200 cycles in Palava and has been able to manage more than 2,000 trips per days on an average in a very short duration. The partnership with PEDL works well with Palava’s pedestrian/bicycle-friendly design where 80 per cent of a resident’s daily trips can be met with walking/bicycling. With PEDL, Palava would be able to provide its residents a convenient, healthy and environment friendly option for short travels.

PEDL is expected to hit around 1,000 cycles in next one month in different parts of Mumbai and at scale will be present every 50-100 meters in a city. It comes with an aim to provide individuals a convenient, affordable, and environmentally-friendly cycle sharing service for short trips around the city.

PEDL cycles come with various unique features including but not limited to custom-designed aluminum alloy frames and drum brakes, anti-slip chains, airless solid tires, and height adjustable seats. These cycles are designed to support more than 24 months of intensive use while ensuring industry low maintenance costs and extremely high levels of customer satisfaction. The cycles are built with smart locks, which are easily unlocked using a QR Code. PEDL’s robust IoT stack is an extension of Zoomcar’s Cadabra IoT platform and includes real-time GPS tracking, solar battery charging, and built-in alarms.

Each cycle also comes outfitted with a multipurpose basket to afford the customer greater convenience in travelling for work or leisure. The process of using a PEDL is simple - just walk up to a PEDL location, pay via PayTm, and drop the cycle off when done at any of the PEDL locations. PEDL cycles are priced for the masses at an affordable Rs 10 per half an hour.