Monitoring assets, the IoTSP Way

Mon, 2017-03-27 10:09 -- SCC India Staff

As a leading global technology company in power and automation, ABB’s strength is deeply rooted in technological innovation.

ABB is at the centre of current developments in clean energy, smart grids, micro-grids, robotics, industrial asset effectiveness and sustainable transport. ABB’s IoTSP concept connects the Internet of Things (IoT) with advanced services to enhance collaboration of machines, people, and ultimately of plants and companies, driving competitive advantage for customers.

Exchanging data by utilising the Internet as an open platform paves the way for a wide range of applications that optimise and improve the flexibility and productivity of industrial and power processes. Testimony to this since 2006, ABB is monitoring more than 5,000 robots in service around the world from its centre of competence in Bengaluru.

The use of IoTSP has transformed Boliden AB’s Garpenberg mine in central Sweden into one of the world’s most efficient and productive mines in 2015.

What’s more, just because of IoTSP, ABB is monitoring 20,000 substation transformers and breakers in the network of American Electric Power with an Asset Health Centre to analyse asset health, recommend maintenance actions and prioritise replacements.

Things are devices equipped with sensors, computing power and software. These devices have been used for many years in ABB’s automation and network control systems, serving customers worldwide and, as such, were essential components of an ‘Industrial IntRAnet’. New technologies such as mobile communication and cloud computing have helped the Industrial IntRAnet evolve into the Industrial IntERnet. “Industrie 4.0” and the “Industrial Internet Consortium” are initiatives ABB was involved in from early on. They contribute core elements to our understanding of the IoT concept, which ABB has expanded into the IoTSP (because the IoT is a means to an end).

Advanced services that make use of actionable information derived from the data gathered is a key differentiator for ABB.

Supporting customers (people) through advanced analytics so that they make the right decisions is a key ingredient for success across factory, company, and even country borders. Driving the IoTSP strengthens ABB’s position as a pioneering technology leader and supports the Next Level strategy of focusing on customer needs.

The IoTSP creates opportunities to provide new advanced service models in collaboration with partners and customers, building on already established services. ABB has the expertise, infrastructure and models to transform data into actionable information in order to help customers interpret the information and drive optimisation.

ABB’s strategy is to close the loop from the Internet of Things to the Internet of Services and People. Doing so promises a transformational increase in industrial productivity of 30 per cent or more, which will help to solve the underlying causes of key challenges that are affecting the world today, mainly climate change and weak economic growth.

Utilizing the IoTSP is enabling a successful paradigm shift that manages machines, services, and people — with the goal of improved productivity and sustainability to create a better world.