Modern Transport System

Mon, 2015-08-03 14:26 -- Sandeep Sharma

Metrino-PRT is a new, innovative public transportation system for cities. Small (car size), fully automatic, driverless vehicles (pods) travel independently suspended under an overhead network of light guide - ways, 5 to 10m above street level. Union Minister Nitin Gadkari has recently announced the launch of the Metrino project between Dhaula Kuan in Delhi and Mansesar via Gurgaon in Haryana covering distance of 70- km. The cost per km is hardly Rs 50 crore when compared to around Rs 350 crore per km in case of metro rail infrastructure.

How does Metrino system works?

Passengers are transported in driverless pods which can carry upto five persons. There is no timetable and pre-defined routes. All rides are on passenger demand. Pods are usually waiting for passengers at small stops along the network as well as shopping centers, offices, hotels, hospitals, schools, etc. All pods, stops and the route network are constantly monitored by security cameras.

Since there are more pods than average daily demand for them, passengers rarely have to wait except occasionally during peak periods. Only those pods carrying passengers (and some empty ones being relocated by the computer system) are in motion. If there is low demand, pods are always waiting at the stops.


The best part of Metrino ride is that it can begin from any stop and ends at your selected destination. The average travel speed is 50 km/h compared to 30 km/h for a metro rail. Passengers enjoy a smooth ride in air conditioned comfort with multimedia services and elevated views.

METRINO is a taxi-like service for public transport and freight within cities. The total distribution capacity will be higher than metro systems because METRINO is surfacebased and not corridor bound. The entire system is fully controlled and automated by a distributed computer network which ensures safety and security of all vehicle movement and of passengers at stops and in vehicles.

Metrino Global Projects Ltd based in Auckland, New Zealand is the parent company of Metrino PRT transportation system

Note: This story was first published in Project Reporter - August 1, 2015 edition.