Model road, junction, park to be developed under Smart City project

Mon, 2016-08-22 15:42 -- SCC India Staff

Panaji: Imagine Panaji Smart City Development Ltd, a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) formed to handle the Panaji Smart City project, has been issued the Certificate of Incorporation as a limited company, under the Companies Act 2013, and will now develop a road, a junction and a park in the capital city, by inviting design concepts for the same from public domain, including architectural firms.

Coming out with this information, city MLA Sidharth Kunkalienkar said that the SPV headed by state secretary for urban development Sudhir Mahajan and Swayandipta Pal Chaudhuri as its CEO, will have its 40 per cent of shares held by the state government and the Corporation of the City of Panaji, each, while 10 per cent of the shares held by the Economic Development Corporation and the Goa State Infrastructure Development Corporation, each.

“We have selected Rua de Ourem as a road, the junction namely one connecting Rua de Ourem and Ponte de Linhares, and finally a new park coming up near the under-construction bridge over Rua de Ourem creek on the Mala side, which would be developed as model road, model junction and model park, under Smart City Mission of the central government,” he added, stating that Rs 1 lakh would be awarded to the top design concept, while Rs 30,000 and Rs 20,000 would be awarded to the second and third best design concept.

The city legislator also announced a competition for creation of a Smart City logo. “The first prize for this competition is Rs 25,000, while the second and third prizes stand at Rs 15,000 and Rs 10,000,” he noted, adding that a City Advisory Forum is also being constituted to come out with suggestions, especially positive ideas for the Smart City project.

Addressing a press conference, Kunkalienkar further said that the central government would be funding three study-based projects for Panaji city. “The first such project will be about non-revenue water situation in the capital city, for which the CCP, the Smart City SPV and the public works department would jointly carry out a study of aspects like water billing, water linkages and so on,” he added, pointing out that the related proposal would then be forwarded to the Centre for funding.

“The second study-based project is about understanding the potential of municipal taxes, wherein aspects as regards using technological intervention to change the municipal tax system would be explored,” the city MLA revealed, informing that under the third project, a study would be taken up about potential of raising advertising revenue for the local body that is CCP, without harming the city aesthetics.

The CCP Commissioner, Deepak Desai and Swayandipta Pal Chaudhuri were also present at the briefing.

Source: Goacom