Microsoft India to transform diamond city Surat into Gujarat’s third smart city

Fri, 2015-12-18 11:08 -- SCC India Staff

City Next Surat

With 4.6 million people, Surat is Gujarat’s second largest city and a major economic hub. As per the GDP ranking of Indian cities, it is ranked 8th with a GDP of $40 billion and estimates of $57 billion GDP by 2050. The city is popular for its diamond trade, and is single-handedly accountable for 99% of the global diamond polishing and cutting industry. Surat exports $15 billion worth of diamonds from India, which is highest in Asia. Despite being an economic hub, it longs for timely & progressive future planning. With the Smart City Initiative, Surat envisions to bridge this gap. 

STATE Gujarat
CITY Surat
POPULATION 44,67,797*
as per official city website

Surat Municipal Corporation has prepared a draft Smart City Proposal (SCP) as per the guidelines of Smart City Mission given by the MoUD, Govt. of India. Based on the opinion/feedback received during Citizen’s Engagement Round - 1 and Round - 2, the draft for Smart City Proposal  for Surat city includes;
1. Pan-city proposal based on Smart Solutions for “Transportation-Mobility-Connectivity” in the entire city area.
2. Area based development: Smart solutions in various sectors as “Retrofitting” are selected for a 112.28 area of Surat city prior to city limit extension in year 2006.

Under the Smart Solutions for “Transportation-Mobility-Connectivity”, the following initiatives will be carried out:
1. Intelligent Transit Management System
2. Automatic Fare collection system
3. Automated Traffic Control System
4. Automated Sliding Door at High Mobility Corridor & BRTS Stations
5. Public Bicycle Sharing- Non Motorized vehicle- PPP
6. Battery operated Vehicles- PPP
7. Ferry System- PPP
8. Development of ERP with GIS Platform
9. SMAC Center (SMArt City Center) [IoT (Internet of Things) : Big Data : Data Analytics]
10. S-Connect Card Management System (Co-Branded Multi-Application Contactless Smart Card)
11. Mobile Apps, Mobile tickets, Social Media, M-ID (Mobile Identity)
12. Open Surat – Open Data
13. Surat IT-MAC (Integrated Transport-Mobility Administration Center)
14. Connected Surat [WiFi-Surat :: FTH (Fibre to Home)]
15. [Active Citizen Engagement] 16 Data Center Strengthening & DR Site

Under Area based development, the elements will include:
Redevelopment: Gopi Talao Raj Marg (Chowk to Station) Sahara Darwaja
Retrofitting (Selected 112.28 Sq. Km area of city) Core and Non-core sectors
Green field development:
Dream City
Sport City
Outer Ring Road

The Surat Municipal Corporation has partnered with Microsoft India to make the vibrant economic center a showcase smart city in Microsoft’s CityNext program. It can be described as a ‘people-first’ initiative by Microsoft to provide a platform for citizens and government to use technology as a medium for development and progress. CityNext empowers governments, citizens and businesses to transform their cities and their future. Every plan and blueprint devised by CityNext aims to create greener, healthier and prosperous communities. Surat, already an early adopter of technology and e-governance, is one of the 13 cities around the world including Paris, Washington, and Auckland, using technology to build a foundation for sustainable growth and prosperity by enabling smarter delivery of city services and greater citizen interaction. The existing model includes the use of technology in service delivery channels such as the Virtual Civic Center (an online services through website) and a mobile app for citizens to access services quickly and easily.

The city already is a major business hub for both Indian and global economies. 80% of the world’s diamonds and 40% of India’s textiles are processed in Surat. At the same time, it faces challenges that come with the rapid growth of its population, which already stands at more than 50 lakhs—or more than 5 million people. Through it’s CityNext initiative, Microsoft India integrates information technology in a people-first program to address needs for infrastructure and to support sustainable economic growth. Microsoft’s CityNext integrates real-time data analytics to make information available, enabling both, city officials and citizens, to make informed choices with applications that touch all segments of city administration including transportation, surveillance, smart energy grids, health, tourism and education. As a basic example, if a citizen needs medical attention, he/she can use the app to track the closest, most relevant service and avail of it.

By leveraging existing applications, these solutions empower government officials and citizens. The civic-corporate partnership with Surat includes e-governance solutions for government administrative systems including project management and information transaction gateways, utility services and public safety as well as a City Dashboard to provide a unified custom view of key performance indicators in services delivery.

With a new Smart City, citizens in Surat will be able to access real-time data on city services including energy, sanitation, water, health, and education through a combination of cloud technology, mobile applications, data analytics and social networks – for healthier and safer communities in India and around the world.

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