Meghalaya to build roads with plastic waste (other States can take a cue)

Wed, 2019-10-09 15:59 -- SCC India Staff


In a bid to curb plastic pollution, the Meghalaya Government is constructing roads made from plastic waste in Tura in West Garo Hills district. Recently, CMO Meghalaya took to its Twitter handle saying, “We made our first #PlasticRoad in #Meghalaya in 2018 in #Nongstoin followed by another one in #Tura in 2019. We will build more roads through our #MeghalayaPlasticChallenge involving all our citizens of the State.”

The plastic road is an initiative to curb the issues that come along with decomposing plastic waste and what’s better than making a road out of it? Constructing road out of plastic waste is slowly and steadily catching speed in the State, and by far they have two roads made out of plastic and several more roads are underway in nearby localities.

“We have used 470 kg plastic waste like polythene carries bags, plastic cups, chips packets and foam packaging for the road. The waste was collected from the district headquarters Nongstoin and Shillong, which would have otherwise littered our roads. This is a cost-effective work as we spent only Rs 33 lakh for the one kilometer road. If all roads in Meghalaya are built using this technology, we can get rid of the plastic menace,” Deputy Commissioner Arunkumar Kembhavi said.