Meeting deadlines key to Smart City’s success

Wed, 2016-02-17 17:41 -- SCC India Staff

Inability to meet deadlines will lead to exit from Mission

Cities that have been selected for funding under the Smart City Mission, including Kochi, will be required to exit the Mission if they are unable to meet the deadlines they have set forth in their proposals for implementing different project components.

The Union Urban Development Ministry has stipulated that that the progress of work will be monitored closely and cities will have to strictly adhere to the timeline of actions proposed. In its winning proposal, Kochi had come up with a timeline from 2017 to 2022 for completing various project components.

One of these, targetted for completion as early as March 2017, is a smart card payment solution for city-wide transportation services, which is a Kochi Metro linked concept.

The last of these, slotted for completion in March 2022, is an intelligent water management solutions project for ensuring 24X7 water supply, which is estimated to cost Rs 701 crore and cover one lakh households in the city.

A project aimed at the rejuvenation of canals and waterways is expected to be completed by December 2018.

Key components

Many key project components have been targetted for 2019 - one aimed at slum redevelopment and housing improvement, estimated at Rs 240 crore, a sewerage and septage project costing Rs 202 crore, and also a project for improving water transport by deploying faster and ‘greener’ boats and redeveloping Ernakulam and Fort-Kochi jetties (Rs 111 crore). Water supply is to be improved in West Kochi (Rs 132 crore).

The development of world class arterial roads including Banerjee Road, MG Road, Park Avenue, Shanmugam Road and Hospital Road at a cost of Rs 197 crore is to be completed by December 2020.

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency enhancement proposals including the implementation of the Solar City master plan recommendations and covering 40 percent of households with grid connected solar panels are also due for completion that year.

These proposals are estimated to cost Rs 152 crore.

A Rs 115 crore urban renewal and open spaces project is also to be completed that year.

The next step in taking forward the Smart City project further will be the improvement of the proposals submitted by the top 20 cities selected for funding.

Source: The Hindu