Mapping India’s biggest road network (Odisha takes the lead)

Mon, 2017-10-16 10:40 -- SCC India Staff

road mapping

To ensure the best use of public funds for the maintenance of its road networks, the Odisha Works Department chose to establish a road asset management system for its 14,000-km road network. The authority invested around Rs 200 million to create the Odisha Road Asset Management System (ORAMS), a web-based application that integrates GIS technology into the mapping of Odisha’s road and bridge network using management tools and an automated data acquisition system.

The system helped the Odisha Works Department to rationalize decision-making in planning, programming, funding, procurement, and allocation of resources. Through the Government of India, the Odisha Government received a loan from the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development to implement the Odisha State Roads Project. A portion of this loan was to establish ORAMS.

The Odisha Works Department implemented ORAMS in Bhubaneswar. The system is the first-of-its-kind in the country. Asset Wise Transportation Intelligence Gateway was used to interface with project and strategy analysis. HDM-4 is a data-intensive software utilizing 112 columns of data that is extracted from ORAMS and presented in the format of HDM-4 by the AssetWise Transportation Intelligence Gateway. It also helped create rule-based homogeneous sectioning and rehabilitation techniques to ensure sustainability of over 1,650 bridges.

Here, the Odisha Works Department collected data for the 14,000 km of roads and 1,300 bridges using GPS-based survey and spatial layer creation, and both automated and manual inventory and condition surveys.

The ORAMS provides a vehicle for convincingly demonstrating the region’s road network needs when seeking funds from the federal government. It is also a single source of truth regarding the inventory and condition of Odisha’s roads and bridges. Road asset information is now readily available to approximately 40 offices through a Web browser.

Exor provided a ready-to-use proven web-based solution with a number of important features including role-based security ensuring that only authorized users are able to create and update road network and asset information; multiple linear referencing capabilities enabling a single road network to be reported and analyzed against using any number of different referencing methods for different business purposes; spatial display of all data; configurable management of all road and bridge information including assets, events, and conditions; and the Bentley Transportation Intelligence Gateway (TIG) tool that provides powerful, dynamic segmentation capabilities and data extraction which is essential to support HDM4 reporting.