Mangaluru to replace old bus shelters with “smart” ones

Tue, 2019-09-10 11:06 -- SCC India Staff


Very soon, Mangaluru, which is the chief port city of Karnataka, will convert its 24 old bus shelters into smart ones. These smart bus shelters will provide real time transit data like route numbers, information on arriving buses with their estimated arrival time as well as information on bus route maps and guides. They are expected to be user-friendly for the elderly, children and physically-challenged, including tactile and braille boards for the visually-impaired.

It will provide safety by means of increasing visibility for waiting commuters and provide ICT facilities like Wi-Fi and mobile charging points. There will be slots for advertisements, said B H Narayanappa, Managing Director, Mangaluru Smart City Limited.

However, spotting of two bus shelters adjacent to one another at several places has invited criticism from the public. Some of the bus shelters will also have e-toilets.