'Mall Road, Moti Jheel are hotspots areas for growth in Kanpur'

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Umesh Pratap Singh
Umesh Pratap Singh, Municipal Commissioner, Kanpur Municipal Corporation.

There are many reasons why Kanpur is the city of promise. It's not just the largest city of Uttar Pradesh, but the fifth largest in India by land area, the 10th most populous urban agglomeration and the second largest industrial city of the Hindi belt in northern India. What's more, it is one among the 12 cities shortlisted from the state under the '100 Smart Cities' mission and is also a major city in the 'Swachh Bharat Abhiyan'.

Umesh Pratap Singh, Municipal Commissioner, Kanpur Municipal Corporation (KMC), shares more on upcoming projects in the city along with other initiatives.

Tell us us about the Corporation's contribution to the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan?

We are contributing to this mission in the following ways:

  • Deployment of sanitation workers to clean the Ghats, major important lanes and roads through outsourcing.
  • Sanitation drives in association with district administration, NGOs and RWAs; to motivate them, cash prizes have been announced.
  • Plantation work in green belts, renovation of parks, footpaths and rubbish platforms.
  • Proposals to construct 25 community toilets (10 seats each), renovation of dhobi ghats, construction of electric crematoriums to NMCG or GoUP.

Which areas would you list as hotspots of growth within the city? What challenges does a corporation face?

Areas of growth include Mall Road, Naveen Market, Moti Jheel, Ganga Barrage, Ghantaghar and Kanpur South. Key challenges faced by the Corporation include coordination among different departments engaged in development works; non-cooperation of the general public and politically motivated people in some areas; and lack of funds and staff or manpower in planning and executing works.

What are the corporation's efforts towards Clean Ganga? Which projects are in the pipeline?

Continuous efforts are being made by KMC towards Clean Ganga. Eleven volunteers have been given identity cards to educate the people and devotees coming to Ganga regarding pollution, sanitation and safe water.

Projects include:
Projects sanctioned:
Sewerage works in Sewerage Distt-l; cost: Rs 370.40 crore; administrative approval awaited; under tendering process; date of completion of project: 45 months from date of approval.

Projects submitted for sanction to NMCG: Sewerage works in Distt-ll, Part-A, Zone-1 worth Rs 156.82 crore; and sewerage works in Distt-ll, Part-A, Zone-2 worth Rs 155.07 crore

Projects submitted for sanction to SGRCA: Sewerage works in Distt-ll, Part-B worth Rs 44.60 crore; sewerage works in Distt-lll, Zone-2 worth Rs 294.28 crore; and sewerage works in Distt-lll, Zone 3, worth Rs 499.78 crore.

What are the developmental measures undertaken by the corporation for drainage, sewerage and street lighting?

Nallahs and drains of 20.13 km (a total of 61) have been constructed, amounting to Rs 2,3.46 crore. Along with the five sewage works mentioned above, 1,006 new poles and 149 tower poles have been erected in the city to improve the street lighting. Additionally, 9,201 sodium fittings have been installed in different areas on poles with no fittings.

Tell us about any other landmark ongoing or upcoming major infrastructure projects. Of these, are there any tenders to be floated in the near future?

One major upcoming project is the metro rail. Along with this, the Kanpur Development Authority (KDA) is renovating the musical garden. Other upcoming developments by KDA include the riverfront development of Ganga, development of an SEZ on the left bank of the river, beautification and underground parking facility at Phoolbagh and integrated traffic management system in coordination with IITK.

How does the corporation handle solid and waste management?

A solid waste management processing plant of 1,500-tpd capacity has been established under JNNURM. Waste is being collected and transported to this site by KMC.

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