Maharashtra follows Gujarat with an intelligent PIU system

Mon, 2016-12-05 10:57 -- SCC India Staff

Picture intelligent unit

Police departments of various states have finally taken to the use of technology quite seriously. A closer look suggests that police departments in cities like Surat, Mumbai, Nanded, Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, Hyderabad and Bengaluru, etc., have started using Internet of Things (IoT), integrated with high-end surveillance systems. 

Some police teams have also started deploying mini command centres for multiple reasons like quick response to crises or keeping a tight vigil on the city. The results were quite fascinating. Cities, which have started using technologies, witnessed rise in crime prevention activities by more than 30 per cent, and the response to any situation came down from 30 minutes to just six.   

Meanwhile, two states — Maharashtra and Gujarat — are much ahead of their peers. Maharashtra’s Home Ministry has been working on a plan to integrate pictures or photographs of all the databases of wanted criminals, undertrials and convicts in its Picture Intelligence Unit (PIU), a part of the recently installed CCTV surveillance network in the major cities in both the places.  

How it works
Apparently, the PIU system will also assimilate databases from other states across India, making it a first-of-its-kind video analytics and facial recognition system in the country. Besides integrating the photograph database, the PIU system will also integrate sound analytics — which will detect gunshots or glass breaking and generate an alarm.

Speaking with the Council, KP Bakshi, former Additional Chief Secretary (Home), Maharashtra, said that initially it was decided to feed more than 30,000 photographs of prisoners involved in nefarious activities from the state’s 54 jails in its PIU database. “Once the state is equipped with this database, the concerned authority will assimilate photographs of wanted criminals, suspects, undertrials, etc., which will be traced with our facial recognition software,” he said. 

According to a senior Mumbai Police official, the software will come in handy in nabbing convicts who have jumped parole and are living under a false identity. The software will be a great help for other states too, as every region in the country faces a similar situation. 

The automated facial recognition system, whose algorithms can throw up matches from stored feeds in seconds, will have a capacity for one lakh pictures, with scalable solution. 

For this, the Home Department has already initiated the process by assimilating nearly 15,000 photographs and it is expected that another 15,000 will be added soon.  In addition, to make the state safe from criminal activities, the integration of the video surveillance network of various cities like Nanded, Pune and Nagpur, with the PIU, has also been suggested.