Lucknow gets a swanky bus terminal with last mile connectivity

Thu, 2018-10-04 11:08 -- SCC India Staff

Alambagh Bus Terminal

The Alambagh Bus Terminal land parcel in the heart of Lucknow City in Uttar Pradesh, India was selected to be redeveloped to increase capacity of the bus stand and add commercial facilities. Shilp Consulting Engineers was retained as the structural consultants on this Rs 2.56 billion project. The local government wanted to develop bus stands owned by the State Road Transport in a public-private partnership model, choosing the Alambagh Bus Terminal to pilot the project.

Shilp Consulting Engineers was asked to expand the existing bus stand facility from 25 bus platforms to 60 platforms, as well as offer parking spaces for another 40 buses and add on a mixed-use building that includes retail stores, a multiplex, and a hotel. The design provided challenges because all levels of the facility required different design schemes in more than 60 percent of the areas.

The project team used RCDC for design and analysis of all reinforced concrete structures, enabling accurate material takeoffs, and the team used STAAD for all steel structural elements. Using Bentley’s structural design and analysis applications saved significant time during design checks and enabled the generation of more than 350 error-free construction drawings, which were expected to increase to nearly 500 by the end of the project. Overall, more than 5,000 resource hours were saved, allowing the team to stay ahead of the delivery schedule.

The Alambagh bus terminal is also linked with the metro rail services. So, passengers de-boarding at Lucknow who wish to travel into the city have the option of directly taking a metro train without exiting the station complex. The bus terminal also has some features that have been implemented for the first time in the country. These include the metro train platform being connected to the bus terminal. Air-conditioned waiting hall with direct connectivity to the train platform, a modern information and announcement system, fifty bus bays for smooth functioning and elevators for easy access to various locations are some other highlights of the complex.