Lucknow calls for intelligent transport management experts

Wed, 2018-08-22 13:12 -- SCC India Staff

lucknow traffic

Lucknow, a city that has urbanized rapidly in recent years, has resulted in several traffic problems in and around the city, such as traffic jams, increase in the number of road accidents, etc. The present Traffic Signal System is based on the static feed on time without considering actual available traffic at junctions across the Lucknow city. The Lucknow Municipal Corporation (LMC), under the ambit of smart city initiatives, intends to utilize information technology to modernize traffic signal system, Traffic Law enforcement and Traffic information dissemination in the city to enable authority like Lucknow Traffic Police in ensuring smooth traffic flow and informed road users. A need was felt to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the traffic system on Lucknow roads introducing an Integrated Traffic Management System (ITMS) to provide a secure and pleasant road experience to the citizens of Lucknow.

ITMS is envisaged with multiple applications, including adaptive traffic signal systems, Red Light Violation Detection (RLVD) systems, speed detection systems, traffic surveillance cameras, ANPR cameras, face recognization system, public address systems (PAS) amongst others which will ensure to improve the mobility, discipline and safety on Lucknow City roads.

The infrastructure of existing traffic signal systems including the aspects, controllers, etc. may need to be dismantled and replaced or upgraded with the new systems, which are proposed and required under the scope of the ITMS project. The infrastructure like poles, cantilevers, cabling, etc. should be reused to derive economies for the project if possible.

The broad objectives of the ITMS project is reduction in traffic delays, optimized cycle times at intersection to regulate and maintain normal flow of traffic to enhance the efficiency of the transport infrastructure. At the same time, improve reliability in journey times between various locations, so that citizens can experience an enhanced quality of road based transportation, through improving sustainability and efficiency in operation of the road network.

That said, the system is intended to offer operational efficiency to traffic management agency by way of extending IT based compliance process on ground and enable the agency to deliver better traffic conditions and safe operating conditions. The real-time traffic monitoring and intelligent traffic systems can prevent accidents by recognizing and thus responding to the potentially dangerous situation in advance. Effective enforcement of traffic violation, checking and monitoring shall reduce the traffic related offenses of red light violations and over speeding violations.

Availability of real-time traffic flow data in key area of the city can improve in the productivity, logistics and other economic. The transport data can also be used to take policy decisions to ensure sustained productive environment.

The real-time information at the TCCC shall enable the operator to take necessary actions based on the type of information. Sending an emergency vehicle to the spot, arranging alternate route to VIP convoys, diverting the traffic to different routes are some of the actions that can be taken based on the real-time information. It shall be possible to track a particular event using the cameras installed at the traffic junction. A vehicle, violating the traffic could be tracked and penalized at the next traffic junction based on the vehicle registration number.