LMC to submit revised smart city proposal to GOI by April 2016, new features added

Tue, 2016-03-22 11:38 -- SCC India Staff

After Lucknow being selected in the fast track round (second list) of cities for 'Smart City Development', LMC aims to submit the revised smart city proposal to the state government for evaluation by April 6, 2016. Further, the proposal will go the Union Government to be able to get shortlisted among cities chosen for development on priority.

Lucknow was not among top 20 cities because of several drawbacks in previous proposal. Additional Municipal Commissioner, PK Srivastava said, "We also didn't get enough public participation. To remove the loopholes, we have sent MOUs to concerned government departments detailing about what they plan for city's development. We would need their consent before March 30 to be able to sign a mutual pact with them."

LMC has added many new features in the proposal to give it a facelift. The biggest relief to public would be provision of smart parking solutions in buildings, commercial complexes which will display number of vacant parking slots and fares on a digital board. People would operate smartcards to get entry into parking. The barriers would be automatically lifted after punching smart cards, said LMC.

While LESA has been asked to put the suspended wires, transformers underground around heritage area, departments like LDA, LMRC and State Archaeological departments have been asked to include the features of Gomti riverfront development from Daliganj to Hanuman Setu, metro project and proposed international culture and tourism project in Chatter Manzil respectively in the smart city plan.


Source: The Times of India