Kozhikode to prepare new master plan for drainage

Thu, 2020-01-02 12:44 -- SCC India Staff


With the help of regional town and country planning office, the Kozhikode City Corporation is actively considering a proposal to prepare a separate master plan for sewerage and drainage networks for corporation areas. The plan is proposed as part of the measures taken to revise the master plan for corporation under the union government aided Amrut scheme.

The officials of regional town and country planning here have already sought the details from corporation officials to get data about the existing drainage and sewerage networks in the corporation limit to check its feasibility to take a final decision about preparing the master plan. The move aims to ensure a detailed mapping of the network which will help the civic body at the time of initiating long and short-term flood mitigation plan. Presently, absence of master plan on it is creating trouble for the civic body to take up effective flood mitigation works.

Flooding is a routine phenomenon in the low laying areas during monsoon. Eastern side of the city corporation bounded by Conolly Canal, NH 212 and Mavoor Road were the drainage reservoirs earlier. Levelling of these low laying areas without providing adequate drainage facilities have resulted in the inundation of the area near Rajaji Road, Ram Mohan Road, Mavoor Road and the premises of Sreekanteswara temple during the monsoon. Levelling of hills and conversion of small natural drainage channels have also disrupted the natural drainage pattern of the corporation, which results in flood during monsoon.

According to the corporation officials, total length of roads other than public works department roads in Kozhikode Corporation is 973 km. Total length of road side drain on the left side road is 136.50 km and on right side is 147.50 km. Length of primary drains (EK canal, B K canal, Nallai pond-Kallai river canal) in the corporation limit is 14 km. Total length of secondary drains in the Kozhikode corporation is 146 km while the length of tertiary drains is 33 km. Length of PWD-NH road is 53 km and length of drain situated on the left side of the PWD-NH road is 19.50 km and right side drain is 21.40 km. Regional town planner PA Isha said that we are actively considering a plan to prepare a separate master plan for drainage and sewerage for the corporation areas.

“Master plan for it will help the civic body to prepare an effective flood mitigation plan to curb flooding in the corporation especially in the city areas. It will also help the civic body to put in place an effective drainage network by connecting disconnected areas,” she said. Meanwhile, corporation town planning standing committee chairman MC Anil Kumar said that the civic body has included construction of proper drainage channels on the roads identified for repair and upgradation works. “The suggestions from the experts during the upcoming national-level seminar on flood mitigation to be held soon will be considered for the preparation of master plan for sewerage and drainage network,” he said.