Kovai leads the race of Smart City Project implementation

Fri, 2019-07-26 13:07 -- SCC India Staff


Coimbatore has left all the cities behind and has topped in the implementation of the Smart City mission project. As per the data by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Coimbatore has topped in the number of projects for which work has been started along with the number of projects which have already been completed.

Under the city corporations, as many as 14 projects have been completed so far, worth a total amount of Rs 86.78 crore. The projects, which are still in the execution stage are 52, at a cost of Rs 1210.64 crore.

The city officials are aiming to complete most of the Smart City projects by the end of 2020, thus bringing a big difference in the city. Coimbatore has also topped in the State for securing a government nod and in executing the projects. The city has also topped nationally in the number of projects in the execution stage.