Kolkata to turn plastic waste into furniture!

Fri, 2020-03-20 15:56 -- SCC India Staff


The Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) has taken up a pilot project that promises to turn at least a part of Dhapa’s huge mountain of plastic waste into household furniture. Once the project kick-starts by the beginning of next month, the idea is to make the mounds of plastic waste at the Dhapa dumping ground sustainable by converting them into stuff you can use, such as doors, windows, chairs and tables.

KMC’s solid waste management department has tied up with a firm, which has been given the task of ‘bio-mining’: to segregate plastic waste and use such material for making furniture. The firm will do this at a factory on the Dhapa dumping ground itself.

The civic authorities started this project after visiting a similar project in Pune. Under the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board’s instructions, Pune Municipal Corporation has successfully been running a project of converting plastic waste into furniture.

“We will make composite boards by using plastic waste,” said a department official. “These composite boards will be used for manufacturing doors, windows, chairs and tables.”

He added that the civic body would undertake the project at Dhapa on a larger scale, depending on how the pilot project goes. KMC is also looking into the possibility of utilizing the waste segregation scheme. It will see whether it can get plastic waste from household sources and later convert them into furniture.

“Our pilot project will determine the scope for utilizing plastic waste in a major way in the future,” said Debabrata Majumdar, member, mayor-in-council overseeing the solid waste management department.