Kochi’s cloud-based e-Health solution incorporates all govt hospitals into one integrated system

Mon, 2019-03-11 18:48 -- SCC India Staff

e health

To provide affordable and quality healthcare services to the citizens, the Cochin Smart Mission Limited has adopted e-Health solution, being developed and implemented by the Kerala State Health Department (KSHD). This solution integrates all departments and government hospitals into an efficient Hospital Information and Management System.

The cloud-based e-health solution will rely on high-speed multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) connectivity as every transaction is stored in cloud-based State Data Centre. The success of this project will contribute enormously in improving the lives of common people who depend on the public healthcare institutions for availing health-related services.

Relevance & feasibility
Cochin has already a large number of advanced healthcare facilities, but most of them are in the private sector. The existing network and the computer hardware infrastructure is very old and inadequate to implement an e-Health solution. The project aims at building a digital database of individual medical records that are easily accessible to medical practitioners. It includes unique patient identification in different settings and exchange of data between different health care delivery units at primary, secondary, and tertiary-level across State.

The key objective of this project is to facilitate availability, accessibility, and affordability of health services for all categories of people through the use of ICT. Scientific supply chain management will be made possible through the framework. It will optimize inventory management and ensure timely availability of medicines, equipment, etc. Handholding and training to the doctors and other healthcare professional will be provided as part of this project. PMU for e-Health at State level will be responsible for the operation of this project. ICT-based health solution will lower the cost in operation of the project over time as doctors will be able to issue medical prescriptions digitally.

Innovation & Integration
Demographic data will be dynamically updated. This will provide accurate and complete information of the population. Since the software solution is already developed by the State, the implementation of E-health Kochi will be cost effective.

Participatory approach
The State Government has already developed an e-Health website: https://ehealth.kerala.gov.in. Consultations with hospital and the State e-health team have been conducted to understand the requirement of the project. SPV plans to conduct a hand holding by SeMT to the doctors and healthcare professionals for the seamless operation of the e-health solution.