Karnataka to spend more and right on urban road execution (See how)

Wed, 2018-12-19 15:21 -- SCC India Staff

Tender Sure Project

Every urban road in Bangalore and other cities of India is an example of the chaos of traffic, broken footpaths, hanging cables, clogged drains, overflowing sewage, and haphazard street lights, transformers, and telecom fixtures. Temporary fixes with poor design and construction result in repeated digging and fixing of the same road over and over again, continuously draining the city's coffers, while doing little to enhance the quality of the road - and thereby the quality of life for all those who use the road.

The Government of Karnataka has shown leadership in finally addressing this colossal wastage, and poor quality of this most basic mobility infrastructure - the city road. Project Tender S.U.R.E. (Specifications for Urban Road Execution) is about getting the urban road right. The project has been championed in the belief that Tender SURE provides tremendous advantages not just of better roads, but that it is just plain good financial sense to spend more and spend right, rather than spend even more by spending wrong many times.

Tender SURE had the guidelines on India's first design, specification and procurement contract for urban roads execution. Tender SURE mandated the integration of networked services under the road-water, power, sewage, OFC, stormwater drain and gas.

Here are the crucial focus points of the project Tender SURE
1. It aims at de-incentivising use of private transport
2. It aims at developing roads with uniform lane width
3. It aims at making footpaths pedestrian friendly after footpath are meant for pedestrians.
4. Bring all utility ducts under the footpath on both sides of the road
5. Developing separate lanes for cycle wherever feasible

The very design of Tender SURE prioritises the comfort and safety of pedestrians, cyclists apart from recognising the needs of hawkers and street vendors. This apart, Tender SURE also combines the street landscape and hardscape aesthetics with practical considerations of user behavioural change. Roads developed under Tender SURE will neither develop any potholes nor fall prey to tree cutting as the roads are well organised to bring utility ducts on either side of the roads.

For Tender SURE, the Karnataka government has already called tenders worth Rs 2.55 billion. Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike will be taking up the first phase of Tender SURE roads around M.G. Road and Central Street (Shivajinagar). The first phase is expected to be completed in around 15 months. Next, the BBMP will take up development of Cubbon Park, K.R. Market, Russel Market and in and around the Shivajinagar bus depot.