Kakinada to get ICT-enabled real-time public transport system

Fri, 2019-03-08 12:26 -- SCC India Staff


The absence of public transportation system in Kakinada city has resulted in increased vehicular emissions, traffic congestion, absence of last mile connectivity and expensive commute choices for the citizens. This growing concern has led Kakinada Smart City Corporation Limited (KSCCL) to prepare a proposal for Electric Public Transportation System in the city.

The key components proposed in this project are, electric buses for transportation, charging stations, and ICT enabled real time passenger information system. With introduction of cleaner modes of intermediate mode of public transport, the project also aims to improve livelihood of cycle rickshaw peddlers by operationalizing e-rickshaws. The electric public transportation will be integrated with 200 new bi-cycles proposed as a part of the project.

The city has been demarcated into various zones and in the first phase, every zone will have 20 bicycles with 5 docking stations, which may be expanded in later phases as per the response of the citizens.

Sustainability aspect
The buses proposed in the project will be procured under the Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of (Hybrid) Electric Vehicles (FAME-India) scheme that provides subsidy on E-buses. The initial route planning has been done for the operation of the buses. Importantly, the Electrical Public Transportation Project at KSCCL will develop gender friendly mobility plan for women commuters. The project envisages increased women participation in operational functions of transport systems like drivers, station attendees, and supervisors. That said, the electric public transport will be charged using electricity generated by renewable energy.

Innovation and integration
The integrated land use and transportation planning for project will be done through convergence of e-rickshaws and bicycle sharing with e-public transportation. The Kakinada Smart City App will be used for tracking live status of public transport modes. The project proposes integration of a smart card with electric public transport for transport services. Command and communication centre would conduct traffic and transport data analytic.

Participatory approach
KSCCL will collaborate with APSRTC, traffic police, Aarthi (NGO) and utilize the existing Public Announcement System, hoardings, and government offices participation mechanisms.

APSRTC will participate in the project on the operational level. KSCCL and Kakinada Municipal Corporation will be the implementing agencies for the project.