Join Smart Cities Think Table in Nagpur

Fri, 2019-01-18 13:01 -- SCC India Staff

Smart Cities Council India (SCCI) in association with Nagpur Smart and Sustainable City Development Corporation (NSSCDC) is organising a Think Table meet on January 31, 2019, at Nagpur. Smart Cities Think Tables (SCTT) are a series of forum sessions organized by Smart Cities Council (SCC) in different cities of India where the biggest challenges facing the sector are detailed and discussed threadbare. The Council’s partners will be in attendance to discuss the future smart city requirements of Nagpur, as well as address the urban challenges faced, and solutions for the same.

The Think Table deliberations will focus on addressing the problem, through expert opinions from the Council’s partners, as well as any other area of concern important to Nagpur Smart City. According to Dr Ramnath Sonawane, Chief Executive Officer, NSSCDC, the city is focussing on the implementation of town planning based on the principle of retrofitting; rehabilitation and resettlement plan; smart infrastructure and utilities; and zero waste garbage city.

The event is an opportunity to bring together city representatives and private stakeholders, in order to discuss practical solutions and strategies for the advancement of Nagpur’s Smart Cities Mission. It will also present a platform for stakeholders to share relevant case studies on initiatives that could be useful to Nagpur Smart City, and what initiatives need to be implemented in order to capitalize on innovations, smart technologies and best smart practices to help in the sustained growth of Nagpur.

The Nagpur Smart City Think Table will also provide networking opportunities as it will bring together government and private stakeholders to deliberate on the opportunities, challenges and solutions for building sustainable, liveable and efficient cities in India.