IPC MBR technology to reduce operating cost of sewage plants

Thu, 2017-04-27 17:45 -- SCC India Staff

 Sewage treatment plant

To understand the importance of wastewater treatment, the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMC) has commissioned technologically-advanced sewage treatment and recycle plant. The plant has been setup by Ion Exchange in association with Europe’s leading research and technology institute, VITO NV, Belgium.

Installed as a pilot project in India, the facility uses VITO’s proprietary IPC membrane bioreactor (MBR) technology. The plant, with a capacity of 100 cubic metre per day (m3/d), offers significant advantages as compared to a conventional MBR in performance and lifecycle costs of the recycle system. The treated water is clear, as good as fresh water, and can be used by industries as a substitute for municipal water, thereby meeting a dual objective of sewage treatment and generating an alternate source of water.

Interestingly, lower sludge production, very stable operations, fully-automated plant and lower operating costs is what sets this sewage treatment plant apart from the rest. The gas used helps reduce the cost per unit of treated water, making it affordable for use in industries, institutions, etc., as an alternate source of water.