IoT-ready compact substations to free up space in crammed cities

Tue, 2017-08-22 15:35 -- SCC India Staff

mumbai city
Mumbai is one of the most populous cities in India, having around 22 million people spread across 603.4 sq km. On one side, the urban Mumbai already has its limitations, and on the other side, suburban city is accommodating the growing population by growing vertically. Power has become the fourth essential need for humans with food, clothing and shelter being the other three.

Reliance Energy’s in-house talent has come out with an unique technology to solve the growing problem of space constraints in Mumbai. The company has unveiled its Internet-of-Things (IoT)-ready compact power substations that will free up precious urban space in and around the housing societies.

Normally, to erect one conventional power substation, it would take around 40 sq m (square meter) space, and three to four months for installation. However, Reliance Energy’s new state-of-the-art compact substation takes up just 7 sq m space and can be installed in a mere 21 days.

With this, Reliance Energy has become the first power distribution utility in the country to deploy compact indoor substations. The company underscores its commitment to serving the customers in the best possible way with quality and reliable power supply.

The company has worked closely with substation manufacturers to come up with customized compact substations suited to the unique requirements of Mumbai in terms of required space and functionality.

The drastic reduction in the space required for installation of transformers would help the builders and housing society members to utilize the space for other use such as vehicle parking, garden, community centre, or even gym, among other things, while still maintaining 24x7 reliable and quality power supply for their buildings.

These IoT-ready substations are equipped with sensors for real-time monitoring of temperature, intrusion attempt, fire, current and voltage. Besides, these hi-tech substations are dry type and can be easily installed as an integral part of the building structure, while adhering to all statutory compliance and public safety.

The sensors installed inside the substation monitor real-time voltage, current profiles, operating status and temperatures of electrical equipment, which enables preventive steps to preempt faults and avoid undesired power interruption to customers.

Going forward, the company’s policy is to install compact substations in new projects coming up in licensee area. This will help the project developers and builders to give possession of apartments to the owners earlier and for the homeowners to move into their new dream homes quicker.