Intelligent highways for Mumbai!

Wed, 2018-04-25 16:26 -- SCC India Staff

Traffic management

Can the traffic problem in Mumbai ever be solved? Maharashtra Chief Minister might have finally found a solution to Mumbai’s ever-growing problem. “The highways need to be smart to prevent accidents and maintain better management of traffic”, said Fadnavis at the Road Safety Fortnight inauguration recently. The highways would have WiFi, speed guns, CCTVs, etc.

Fadnavis stated the need to develop an intelligent traffic management system for Mumbai for better traffic management and controlling the speed of vehicles. The plan is to replicate the system across Maharashtra in the near future.

“The sensors on road will inform the signal about number of vehicles on road, traffic density and accordingly reflect traffic lights. It would help in improving traffic speeds and gradually reduce motorists' complaints about unnecessary detentions at signals,” said Fadnavis.

CM’s statement comes following the State’s plan to implement smart transport system on city, Mumbai-Pune and Mumbai-Nagpur Expressways.

Highways too will have the “intelligent system” in place to control accidents. Fadnavis said the proposed Mumbai-Nagpur Samruddhi Expressway and the missing link of Mumbai-Pune Expressway will have the system.

Transport department officials said the system would study driving habits of motorists, kinds of traffic offence and traffic pattern. The authorities can analyze these and develop a customized system to prevent accidents and ensure smooth traffic flow.