Institutes in India adopts sensor intelligence (save 15% energy)

Fri, 2017-06-09 10:30 -- SCC India Staff
energy forcasting
Today, buildings and college campuses consume huge amounts of energy. And there is an urgent need to make them smarter by utilizing Internet of Things (IOT) and data analytics for energy optimization. 
That said, educational institutes including MIT Pune and Symbiosis Institute of International Business (SIIB) has adopted predictive analysis in understanding their energy consumption and ensuring that energy and maintenance costs are optimized. In the meantime, it has also helped the students get hands on experience in data analytics for smart cities.
For MIT Pune, SmartSense deployed by Ecolibrium will provide intelligence to optimize energy costs and asset uptime, saving up to 15% of energy and asset maintenance spends. This first of its kind comprehensive package uses predictive insights and IOT infrastructure, with big data analytics, for real time monitoring of energy consumption patterns. 
The Smart Campus Cloud Network (SCCN) Project will serve as a model for smart cities and is a part of the Digital India Campaign of the Government of India. It will also offer the students an opportunity to learn about energy analytics by using their own campus data and help them develop their knowledge and skills in the field of IOT and emerging technology applications for smart cities.