Indore’s mission towards cleaner city (to use hi-tech aqua harvesters to keep water bodies clean)

Thu, 2020-03-12 14:22 -- SCC India Staff


Indore’s mission towards a cleaner city has been a rather rewarding one. Over the past few years, Indore has been pushing the boundaries with new technologies and powerful initiatives when it comes to keeping the city clean. Among the newest of these initiatives is the introduction of an Aqua Harvester, which will help keep the water bodies of Indore clean and gunk free.

The Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC) aims to bring the lakes and other water reservoirs at par with the cleanliness of the city and help to keep them well preserved and clean. This is an important step in the direction of maintaining Indore's 'Cleanest City' title and expanding its smart city programme.

IMC will now introduce a hi-tech aqua harvester to help clean up water bodies. The aqua harvester will help in cleaning the water bodies that have long been cleaned either manually or not at all. With the help of this new piece of tech, the IMC can clean up water bodies more efficiently and revive some of the aquatic life as well.

This aqua harvester will come as part of IMC’s river cleaning project, which is on in full swing right now. With this project, they aim to clean out water bodies such as Pipliyahana pond and Sirpur lake as well as Saraswati river.

The aqua harvesters can be especially useful during rainy days, when the rivers, lakes and ponds overflow with weed and unwanted growth. Additionally, the harvester will also have the capacity to rid the river of toxic waste such as plastic and man-made waste.

As of now, manual cleansing of the rivers and lakes takes place once or twice every year. However, this is a rather time taking and tedious process.