Indore clears 13 lakh tonnes of garbage in six months (and saves Rs 50 crore too)

Fri, 2019-01-18 12:32 -- SCC India Staff

Indore, a city in Madhya Pradesh has set an example for wannabe smart cities by clearing over 13 lakh tonne waste in just six months as compared to a mere 2 lakh tonne in the last two years. Under the previous model, the government had outsourced the task to private agencies, which were charging Rs 475 per cubic metre. The whole task would have cost over Rs 60-65 crore and taken a painfully long time to conclude. However, when the Indore Municipal Corporation took it upon them, it managed to clear the garbage from 100-acre dumpsite no more than Rs 10 crore on the entire process.

The corporation, which was grappling with fund crunch decided to rent a machine for bio-mining instead of outsourcing the whole process. The machine was rented to IMC at a reasonable cost on a per month basis. IMC operated the machine for 14-15 hours daily using their own resources, and within six months, 13 lakhs of garbage was cleared.

Bio-mining process
The bio-mining refers to the process of segregating waste into biodegradable and non-biodegradable segments, which is a proven technology and has been used extensively in Indore. The Indore civic body, meanwhile, is using wet waste to produce methane gas — which is being used for public buses in the city — and compost, which is given to farmers for agricultural and horticultural use. It is a model that is bound to be adopted across India.