India’s first solar ferry boat saves 58,000 liters of diesel in 2 years

Fri, 2019-01-18 14:17 -- SCC India Staff


India’s first solar ferry boat, ADITYA has contended its two years (730 days) effective activity in Vaikom, Kerala. The sun-powered transport ferry is manufactured (under the ‘Make In India’ initiative) by NavAlt Solar and Electric Boats, that expects to make water transport progressively effective.

ADITYA was introduced in January 2017 by Pinarayi Vijayam, Chief Minister of Kerala and Piyush Goyal, the former Cabinet Minister for New and Renewable Energy, Power. The solar boat was launched for transportation purpose with a capacity of 75 passengers in Kerala Backwater. NavAlt stated that it has helped to save Rs 40 lakh on cost of diesel, which is equivalent to 58,000 liters in a span of two years.

The quantity of daily commuters which ADITYA drove in a range of two years (730 days) is a total of 6,40,000 passengers and has voyaged 38,500 km. This means income of Rs 6,000 every day and in two years is an absolute income of Rs 43.8 lakh. The main cost that the department has caused over the two years of running is the power charge, an aggregate of Rs 1.31 lakh. The all-out savings is about Rs 40 lakh.

In States like Goa, Kerala, Telangana, West Bengal and Assam, water transport framework is huge and it can be broadly utilized. The company is under process to introduce more solar boats in other States