India’s 1st battery swapping & charging station for electric vehicles

Thu, 2017-06-01 12:08 -- SCC India Staff


Energy storage solutions integrated with solar can be very effective in managing electricity demand and would be a game changer in times to come. That said, Nagpur would be the first city in the country to be equipped with EcoCharge battery swapping and charging stations for a pilot project initiated by Ola, a provider of cabs. In the first stage, as much as 200 vehicles including bus, auto and car – all running on electricity – was launched by ACME.

EcoCharge advantages:

  • Lowest operating cost
  • Fast charging
  • Swapping time less than filling fuel
  • Longer life
  • Build, own and operate model
  • ICAT/ARAI approved lithium batteries
  • Option for battery to grid (B to G)

Battery swapping and charging stations are equipped with lithium batteries for electric vehicle at multiple locations in Nagpur. ACME also plans to replicate similar swapping and charging infrastructure in other cities to facilitate adoption of electric mobility. The company offers lithium batteries with in-house developed intelligent BMS technology for electric mobility and stationary applications ranging from KWh to MWh.