India saved Rs 9,500 crore on energy bills (LEDs came to the rescue)

Thu, 2016-12-22 10:44 -- SCC India Staff


In 2008, when there was a global economic turmoil, what saved India? It was the domestic habit of saving up for a rainy day. Now, when the global economy is again under a cloud, LEDs have come to the rescue. Current government data shows that Indian states, with the deployment of 18 crore LEDs, have saved Rs 9,500 crore on energy bills.

This was possible due to the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy’s UJALA scheme. With this effort, the country has not only saved a huge amount on energy bills, it has managed to save 23,777 million kWh of energy for the year, till date. Plus, the LED scheme has reduced peak demand of more than 4,000 MW, reducing carbon emission up to 192,59,146  tonnes. The scheme is presently operational in 18 states and four Union Territories.
With these LED installations, nearly 77 crore incandescent bulbs are on the verge of extinction, which will ensure an annual benefit of Rs 40,000 crore to the people due to reduced electricity bills. This scheme will also help the country to strengthen its energy security, which is vital for the nation, as it will reduce its dependence on coal.

A case in point as far as the success of this initiative is concerned is Trichy Corporation. The corporation has deployed LED street lighting and managed to bring down power consumption by 38 per cent. The civic body installed energy efficient equipment by converting the existing 40 W FTL to 20 W LED lamps and installation of a Streetlight Controller, Voltage Controller and Individual Lamp Monitoring Device. A Web-based central monitoring system was established by completely automating the functioning of the streetlights though streetlight controllers and an individual lamp monitoring system.

As the first step, a total of 26,391 tube-lights (40 W) in various streets were replaced by 20 W LED bulbs, leading to a drastic fall in energy consumption.

Similarly, the South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC), with the help of EESL, has completed the installation of close to 200,000 LED streetlights in the South Delhi area over the last 10 months. With this, the corporation managed to reduce energy consumption by 53 per cent, which is an annual reduction of 26.2 million kWh of energy during peak hours.

The LED lamps installed in the streetlights and mast lights conform to BIS specifications and carry a seven-year warranty against technical defects. EESL conducts regular quality checks on these lights. This has resulted in the overall technical faults of these LEDs being less than 2 per cent in the 13.19 lakh lights installed by EESL across the country. The replacement of the conventional streetlights will lead to over 4 lakh kWh energy saved per day, and reduction of over 397 tonnes of CO2 emissions daily.