Hyderabad adopts OSRT monitoring (and improves complaint redressal)

Thu, 2016-10-20 10:45 -- SCC India Staff


Spread over 625 sq km, 150 wards, 5 zones and 18 circles, the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) had a daunting task to respond to civic problems such as garbage delivery, road maintenance, and street lighting. Hence, to resolve civic issues in an efficient manner, the GHMC established an online complaint and review system to improve services available to citizens.

GHMC’s ‘Off-Site Real Time Monitoring System’ (OSRT), is the first initiative of its kind in urban governance in our country. Cell phone monitoring is done with regard to various civic activities such as sanitation (dumper bins & attendance), street lighting (on-off status), parks (maintenance & attendance), town planning (monitoring building permits, violations), grievances (redressal of citizen complaints), and construction work (various stages of execution), thus bringing it closer to citizens by leveraging IT for civic services.

The system includes 4,687 citizen service centres, a 48-hour response deadline and an additional crowd complaint option that allows multiple people to escalate a complaint by contacting local officials and lodging grievances. The government also makes 12 monitoring vehicles responsible for monitoring the entire city. These vehicles gather photographic and video evidence to help the government identify and address local problems.

Here, real-time images with latitude, longitude, date and time stamp are captured through cell phones by officers at field level which are available for public view within two seconds. This initiative has helped in bringing transparency in administration, information access on civic services to officials, non-officials and citizens, besides enabling the generation of real-time reports for monitoring civic services.
Citizens can lodge their complaints on www.bit.ly/ghmc-portal or can call on 040-21111111 / 155304

The results
The application allows users to record events with date, time and coordinates using the Global Positioning System (GPS). Precise temporal and spatial information and generation of reliable images of municipal activities has enhanced accountability to unimagined levels.

The complaints system enabled the GHMC and its senior officials to closely monitor services including garbage delivery, manhole coverage, street lighting, stray dogs, toilet facilities, potholes and illegal constructions. Today, 30 per cent of complaints to GHMC are made online, and the government has also launched a mobile app in partnership with the private sector that will make reporting grievances even easier.

The technology provides real-time data availability to 7.40 million citizens living in the area of GHMC, on several civic services.