How a mobile app can make employees more accountable (Maharashtra did it)

Mon, 2016-07-04 12:05 -- SCC India Staff

Mahavitaran app

Mahavitaran, Maharashtra’s electricity distribution company, has launched an integrated mobile app (four-in-one) that will make its more than 70,000 employees accountable for their work in the field.

Mahavitaran manages an annual consumption of above one lakh million units, maintaining the largest electricity network of high and low tension distribution lines, across 16 zones, 43 circles, 135 divisions, and 633 sub-stations across Maharashtra.

What’s in store for consumers?
Developed by an in-house team of technicians and engineers, the mobile app will serve nearly 2.40 crore consumers. With this mobile app, from now onwards, consumers can not only view bills, but can also make payments. The bills can be paid by using Net banking, debit/credit cards, mobile wallets and cash cards. Importantly, consumers can pay bills for more than one electricity connection from a single user mode.

Meanwhile, the mobile app is the first-of-its-kind in India to have both consumers and the 70,000+ electrical department staff integrated under one app.

Through this app, existing and non-existing consumers can apply for new electricity connections, register power and billing related complaints and provide feedback to Mahavitaran services on power quality and irregular supply.

It is expected that Mahavitaran, in its next version of the app, will have additional features such as power theft, and prior information on load shedding, area-wise. In addition, Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Devendra Fadnavis wanted to add a separate dropdown feature for Aadhar Cards, for availing of any direct benefit in the next phase of upgradation by consumers.

Watch on employees
Mahavitaran engineers, who normally remain on the field, have been told to update details of their major and minor electrical work through this mobile app. This will make all the engineers accountable towards their work.

  • New connection app: The new service connection app facilitates timely release of new connections and will also help in real-time monitoring and tracking of new connections. This app will monitor releases of new connections for low and high tension consumers. In addition, it will also help capturing on-the-spot technical feasibility, required for release of connection. Engineers who are responsible for releasing the connections, from now onwards, will be required to submit the reports in case of failure to release any connection. What’s more, this app will also track the progress of pending service connections and will submit the reports in a timely manner to supervising officers.
  • Meter reading app: The meter reading app will ensure correct meter reading of consumers, reduce consumer grievances and also ensure timely submission of feeder/DT readings for accurate energy audit. It will capture meter reading and meter status of DT consumer meters. The app will also capture latitude and longitude of electrical assets. It is expected that the government will install GPS systems for all its assets, from sub-stations to polls, for monitoring. This app will also help sub-station operators to take hourly feeder meter readings.
  • Employee ‘mitra’ app: This app will exhibit the technological advancements that aim at elevating the working and interfacing efficiencies of Mahavitaran’s mammoth workforce across the length and breadth of Maharashtra. It will capture feeder outage details and will send an SMS to the affected consumers. At the time of disconnection of services, it will capture reading at the time of disconnection, retrieve meter serial number with arrears and the last receipt date. It will also send an SMS to engineers in case of non-receipt of payment three days past temporary disconnection.