Himachal Pradesh: Dharamsala

Tue, 2015-09-01 18:07 -- SCC India Staff


The ‘Smart City’ project in Dharamsala would help provide better infrastructure like water supply, sewerage, storm water drainage, urban transport, e-governance, capacity building and institutional strengthening in the town.

Due to population increase and being a major tourist destination Dharamsala experienced rapid urban growth which results the haphazard and unplanned development activities specially in Meclodganj, Barol and Kotwali Bazar areas.

As per the Himachal Tourism Department approximately 15 lakh tourists visit Dharamsala every year. Tourism activities can create great pressure on infrastructure facilities and land resources such as water supply, sewerage system, solid waste management and road network.

Dharamsala is under seismic zone- V. The intensity of earthquake is very high and destructive in this category. These issues will be focused under ‘Smart City’ mission in Dharamsala.

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