Hi-tech cameras to guard Kolkata's New Town

Tue, 2015-09-22 18:00 -- SCC India Staff

360 Camera
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The New Town in Kolkata with a population of mere 36,500 is likely to get round-the-clock security following installation of a 360 degree camera at all the important crossings at New Town and the roundabouts at Salt Lake.

According to reports, the single camera will be recording all incidents and can be panned-tilted and zoomed besides magnifying the smallest of items.

"Once these cameras begin working, crime detection is bound to become easier. The new cameras already in operation at the Jessore Road-VIP Road crossing is just one example of what the entire system will look like," a top home department official said to the Times of India news reporter.

The state government is planning to integrate all security and public communication channels through technology so that the security response is prompt with minimum city. Besides the hi-tech cameras, the installation of the Intelligent Traffic System Network (ITSN) in a phased manner is one of the main goals.

Some of the measures that may find its place in the smart city project for the New Town are - smart number plate readers and SOS buttons at public places.