Haryana's ISMO to help tackle cyber security issues

Wed, 2019-01-23 18:27 -- SCC India Staff


To address the challenge of cyber security, the Haryana Government has formed a dedicated department - Information Security Management Office (ISMO), which will help the state authorities in tackling, preventing and detecting various threats along with monitoring, risk-assessment and other security breaches. The State Government has deployed a dedicated team of 50 cyber security specialists to carry out Vulnerability Analysis and to limit the extent of Penetration Testing (PT) for designated IT Assets. On yearly basis, approximately 55-60 applications were being audited.

Earlier, ISMO was being contacted by the State Government organizations for their system information security-related requirements. Many of the queries of the departments' stakeholders can be resolved if they have knowledge and awareness of cyber security concepts. Hence, there was a need to provide a platform to such stakeholders to enable suitable dissemination of cyber security-related content and information. ISMO acts as a platform for information dissemination on latest trends on cyber-attacks, preventive measures, awareness materials, policies, guidelines, cyber security and hygiene factors.

As part of the Haryana ISMO portal, a full fledge e-learning module has been developed. The e-learning module provides a course on cybersecurity to various stakeholder (students, working professionals, Government officers, IT professional (Government and private sector), etc.) such that they can adopt best practices with respect to cyber security, information security and data privacy etc, and apply these in there day to day life. In the near future, the user will also be given a digitally signed completion certification from ISMO, Haryana after completion of the e-learning course and an assessment quiz.