Haryana signs contract with US firms on Smart Cities

Tue, 2015-09-08 09:54 -- SCC India Staff

Nisha Biswal

Haryana has emerged as the largest recipient of investment, both domestic and international, with cities like Gurgaon, a major hub for the information technology and automobile industries, and many other industrial hubs.

The Haryana government is keen on developing many of its cities as smart cities but only Faridabad and Karnal has carved its position in 'Smart Cities Mission'.

US assistant secretary of state for south and central Asia affairs, Nisha Biswal, had affirmed deep interest of US companies in making investments in Haryana, and initiated bilateral trade opportunities.

In August, a meeting between a delegation of entrepreneurs and senior government officers led by Haryana chief minister Manohar Lal Khattar and industries minister Capt Abhimanyu inked deals with US organizations, such as TiE and Cisco, for furthering the smart city concept and advancement in investments in IT sector.

TiE, the global network of entrepreneurs and professionals, is acting as a channel to facilitate investments in the field of Information Technology start-ups and projects into Haryana. TiE, established in 1992, has 61 chapters in 18 countries and has a base of 13,000 members. With the government’s new 'Entrepreneur Policy 2015' emphasizing on ease-of-doing-business and planning of Investor Summit in 2016, TiE initiated to work with Haryana government in areas such as e-education, e-healthcare, and skills development.

The Haryana government's secretariat of information technology and US-based multinational technology company CISCO Systems International BV have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for developing the smart cities.

Under the MoU, Cisco  will share its expertise and experience in the development of smart cities the world over, particularly its "safe plus smart plus connected" community programmes, and "Internet of Everything" with focus on improving the quality of life through the use of technology.

Both Haryana and Cisco  will explore the possibilities of collaboration or cooperation in the field of smart city and safe city infrastructure, including infrastructure level interventions required to add efficiency to the public infrastructure and services in Haryana.

According to the news source, the MoU did not involve payment of any fee by one party to the other and the two parties will cooperate with each other at their own cost to achieve the ends of the MoU. It will initially be valid for six months from the date of execution.

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