Haryana floats EOI for Greenfield Smart Cities

Thu, 2016-10-27 11:21 -- SCC India Staff

Haryana Smart Cities

The government of Haryana has floated expressions of interest (EOIs) to formulate guidelines and policy parameters for establishment of Greenfield Smart Cities (GFSC). The state government, in joint venture partnerships with private players, is looking at introducing these smart solutions over a land parcel of 250 acres, using innovative planning, planned financing and implementation tools, with a provision for affordable housing. The last date for submission of these EOIs is November 5.

Although the government has policy parameters in place for setting up of residential plotted or group housing and commercial, industrial and IT colonies, it does not have set policy parameters for the development of such GFSCs.

The consultancy which will be bidding for this project needs to consider several guidelines. One of the important factors while formulating policy parameters is land use and its distribution versus right-of-way abutting roads. The guidelines should also include type and quality of infrastructure, i.e., internal development works that include water supply, sewerage disposal and management; energy generation & distribution including street lighting, storm water treatment & disposal, horticulture/ landscaping & solid investment; transport network, connectivity including traffic signalling etc.

The smart solutions will involve use of technology, information and data to create infrastructure.

The successful bidder will be involved in conceptualisation, configuration, structuring and implementation of integrated town and country planning projects at city levels.

What’s more, the work scope may extend to corridors along expressways, urban areas beyond controlled areas and in vicinity of major infrastructural projects, major tourist destinations and industrial estates. Major economic activity which gives character to a city like, health, education, arts and craft, fashion, culture, sports, furniture, textiles, etc., also needs to be considered.