Gurugram gets its first Cyber Police Station

Fri, 2018-03-09 11:12 -- SCC India Staff
The digital splurge has witnessed a spurt in cybercrimes. Hence a dedicated police station is the need of the hour. Being in a cybercity demands a world-class infrastructure. In 2017, of the total 3,297 complaints received, 1,916 were for frauds in online banking, credit or debit card or cheating through mobile. A further 264 complaints were related to Facebook, another 240 of internet fraud and 51 of data theft. After verification, as many as 400 FIRs were registered last year, as opposed to 240 in 2016.
That said, to curb further cybercrime in the state, Gurugram has recently commissioned its first cyber police station at DLF5. 
A separate magistrate will also be appointed for the station. With this new initiative, any cyber offense will be registered at the cyber police station. The police station will have trained manpower and modern equipment and software to deal with the new age crimes in the cyber world. Cybercrime experts from outside will also be roped in with support from Nasscom. It will act as a centralized monitoring station for all kinds of online and tech-related crimes.
On the occasion, V Umashankar, CEO – Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) said “The nature of crimes have become more complex with the evolution of technology. Hence the administration needs to be several leaps ahead to be able to tackle such crimes. Setting up of the first cyber station in Gurgaon is a much-needed step.”
"The newly-inaugurated police station is the first in Gurugram. Outside experts will be roped in to provide their technical know-how which will enable us to skilfully tackle cybercrimes," said Sandeep Khirwar CP,Gurugram