Govt to host 'Ideas Camp' next week

Thu, 2015-10-01 15:08 -- SCC India Staff

Urban Development Minister, Venkaiah Naidu

As part of its initiative to educate and encourage the Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) to take active part and prepare a smart city plan under the government's amibition '100 Smart Cities' mission, the urban development ministry will host an event called 'Ideas Camp' in Delhi next week.

The government plans to get over 200 mayors and municipal commissioners of the ULBs, across the country under one roof, for this unique 'Ideas Camp'. The government will be inviting experts from the field of smart cities, who will help the civic bodies heads in conceptualizing and preparing plans.

According to media reports, some of the key experts that are likely to be part of the event - include the former Mayor of Washington DC, Anthony Williams and a fellow at Harvard and director of urban projects in Columbia, Alijandro Echeverri. The other two are chief architect of Barcelona smart city, Vincente Gullarte and executive director (cities) and London School of Economics, Phillip Rode.

'We have to change the mindset of urban governance to get the desired results. Financing is a crucial issue and this will be the key to the success of the scheme. Global exposure of how other cities have done it will help them to visualize how to take the programme forward,' a ministry official was quoted by a Times of India news report.

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