GITAM, AU Students Work on Inputs for Smart City Development

Wed, 2016-02-24 18:17 -- SCC India Staff

As an initiative for the development of Visakhapatnam as a Smart City, students of universities are working on innovative ideas.

Andhra University has recently signed an MoU with University of California, Berkeley, on setting up of a Centre for Open Innovation with focus on development of Smart Cities. The university will make studies on Smart City plans through the AU.

The expert team from Berkeley made a survey in the city and prepared a comprehensive report and modules to develop the city in terms of traffic management, transportation, pollution and disaster management. The report was also submitted to the collector for further action.

“On ways to develop the city, the university would always extend its support and if the Central government comes forward with new plans, we will bring out the best from our students,” said AU registrar V Uma Maheswara Rao.

Students of departments of Civil Engineering and Architecture teamed up with the GVMC in the beautification drive in the city and to improve the structural positions of the buildings. Focusing on pollution, the environmental experts of the University are making a survey on the impact of environmental pollution on the people of the Port city.

“The University will soon sign an MoU with Singapore Institute of Managements,” said Rao. GITAM School of Architecture director K Mohan told Express that “Disaster Management should be an integral part of the Smart City plan.” He said that the students of Civil Engineering and Architecture jointly made a survey on the development of open spaces, transportation system, improving waste disposal and spoke on the vulnerable groups about their needs.”

They also conducted regular exhibitions showcasing the models of Smart City, specially focusing on methods to improve the backdrops. IBM experts who recently visited the city, made a survey on environmental quality to reduce air pollution in the city. “The experts are making plans to identify the areas highly affected by pollution and instal pollution monitoring systems in the city,” said Mohan. A GITAM student also worked on eco-routing system, preparing an alternative route to reduce travel time.

Rhea Guha, the third year student of GITAM School of Architecture, worked on the plan to provide safe environment for the fishermen communities. She along with her co-students interacted with the families of the community and identified their problems. Four GITAM students, who conducted surveys on different ideas of the Smart City, made a detailed presentation which would be submitted at the national conference in Pillo Mody College of Architecture, Cuttack.

To get an exposure on how a Smart City actually should be, 35 students of GITAM School of Architecture will be visiting Malaysia and Singapore from March 13 to 20. They would study the infrastructure and would use Smart transportation and get the knowledge of the developed automated systems.

Source: The New Indian Express