Five-point action plan for smarter, safer cities

Thu, 2019-02-28 11:35 -- SCC India Staff


A FICCI-KPMG Smart City Knowledge Report on ‘Cybersecurity in Smart Cities’ has suggested a five-point action plan to enable smart cities to keep pace with the cybersecurity needs and build a cyber-resilient and trusted environment across the entire value chain.


Key measures suggested by the report are:

  • Formal guidance based on well-defined cybersecurity policy and a structured security organisation with clearly defined roles and responsibilities will be important for governing the cybersecurity posture and reducing the cyber risks.
  • Stakeholders and users in smart cities ecosystem will expect security to be built into the system; technology architects should follow an ‘always-on’ principle that provides high levels of control with appropriate fail-safes.
  • Smart cities should carefully evaluate their third-party suppliers, identify qualified partners, and invest in integrating security, privacy and trust across the ecosystem.
  • Resilience and trust will be established through validation of cyber practices, ensuring compliance and consistent engagement with smart city stakeholders and citizens. This will enhance cyber confidence of citizens and stakeholders on smart city functioning.
  • The collaboration will reduce ambiguity and accelerate the ability to implement secure products and services within a sustainable smart cities ecosystem.
  • Commenting on the report, Shankar Aggarwal, Former Secretary, Urban Development, Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, said, “there was a need for establishing a mechanism, both at the government and private sector, to take decisions in time pertaining to the development of smart cities.” In order to develop smart cities, it was imperative that the latest technology should be used not only in the development of infrastructure but also in social sectors like healthcare, education and culture, he added.

Highlighting the value of data in smart city context, Elias George, Chairman - Infrastructure, Government and Healthcare, KPMG in India, said, “India needs to be cognizant of the challenges that smart cities across the world have faced in terms of the deluge of cyber-attacks affecting the availability of smart city infrastructure, continuity of services and misuse of personal data.”