ETAP ADMS transforms Noida’s power utility into a smart utility

Thu, 2016-12-22 11:01 -- SCC India Staff


Noida Power Company Ltd (NPCL) distributes power in Greater Noida, near Delhi in Uttar Pradesh, which is being developed as an industrial hub and urban settlement. Currently, the peak load served is 265 MW as against 17 MW in 1994-95, reflecting a steady increase in consumer demand. As one of the fastest growing utilities in India, NPCL serves a demanding industrial, commercial, and residential customer base of 71,000.

The load profile is dominated by large and heavy industries that constitute 59 per cent of energy sale and contributes 62 per cent to the company’s income.

With rapid customer growth and an increased demand for new substations and distribution network, NPCL took the decision in 2015 to implement ETAP ADMS (Advanced Distribution Management System) to improve its network reliability, performance, and response to customers.

With ETAP, NPCL has deployed a unique implementation called ‘Go-Live’. The implementation of ADMS and OMS enables NPCL to embark on its journey towards smart grid implementation in the country, wherein the automation of every minute requirement has been taken care of through business process-oriented implementation.

This notable milestone for ETAP ADMS solution is enabling the transformation of NPCL’s network into an intelligent, adaptive, and sustainable grid that provides reliable and quality energy for their customers.

With the implementation of ETAP ADMS, the gird will have an improved network performance, faster outage restoration, substation equipment maintenance, reduced dispatcher training time and more efficient power management & delivery.

How it works
The ADMS manages, controls, visualises, optimises and automates distribution networks from state-wide to city-wide power distribution networks. It also integrates the platform for design and operations, using a common model for planning & distribution management with a unified interface.

The system gives system operators, dispatchers, planning engineers, reliability analysts and managers access to the same network representation.

That apart, the ADMS provides situational intelligence that ensures efficient and reliable grid analysis and management during a rapidly changing network state. Importantly, the ADMS has the capability of integrating advanced analytics including system protection, demand response, CVR, FLISR, outage management, load forecasting, unified AC & DC power flow, and renewable energy penetration.

ETAP’s overall project scope:

  • IEC 61850 oriented Substation Automation
  • Integrated functionality of SCADA, DMS & OMS
  • Open & scalable smart grid functionalities and distribution network applications
  • Integrated network modelling, planning and distribution analysis
  • Intelligent monitoring, control, automation and decision support system
  • Intelligent model-based solution with Geospatial Information System (GIS) integration and electrical power system simulation capabilities.