Encroachment threat? Check your property with Mapshalli (Bengaluru did it)

Wed, 2016-11-30 11:19 -- SCC India Staff

Mapshalli Bangalore

Often, prospective home buyers land up  paying the price for purchasing an illegal property. Due to fraudulent title deed, thrd-party buyers are left high and dry. Buying someone else’s deed is a common sight in India.  House owners have received demolition notices from the city municipal authority, because these places had encroached upon the space kept aside for storm water drains (SWDs).

When the demolitions exercise began by Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP), it was discovered that outflow of water during the monsoon was being blocked by encroached drains, leading to flooding in some areas of north Bengaluru. Water flows through a network of smaller secondary storm water drains into principal drains that open into lakes across the city.

Bothered by the spate of demolitions carried out to reclaim storm water drains, a Web app ‘Mapshalli ‘ developed by a Bengaluru -based techie has given some relief to its citizens. This tool helps house owners detect storm water drain encroachments.  

How it works
Even though the civic authority has updated all the maps and entire list of properties on the BBMP’s official website, pin-pointing a particular location could be a huge task for citizens.

Mapshalli allows citizens of Bengaluru to view principal drains and secondary storm water drains (SWD) with encroaching survey numbers (marked in red labels) and non-encroaching survey numbers (marked in green).

Mapshalli uses Google Maps as a source to locate properties in BBMP's encroachment list and has seamlessly integrated the maps provided by BBMP to show people what they are looking out for. This process has proved to be a difficult task on BBMP's website mainly due to language and technical issues.

Through this Web portal, citizens can search the name of the building or locate it by using the name of the village and survey number mentioned on the sales deed. If the survey number is marked in black, then there are no storm water drains on the property. Anyone can access information by logging on to the website https://www.mapshalli.org/ and search for the desired location or browse the map. For this, one need not register or log in to use the site. The Web portal also has the encroachment list published by city authority BBMP.

At present, the Web portal has mapped 20 villages that include Whitefield, Hoody, Varthur, and Balagere to name a few.